When it rains…I am always inspired.  I have a goal to paint a perfect picture of the sound of rain, the feeling of rain and the emotions it lets surface.  Rain can be a soft melodic lullaby that makes me content or thoughful.  It can be a torrential downpour like drums beating down, or a symphonic orchestra.  Rain is very calming.  Rain is the cleanser, it washes away the dirt and filth and gives drink to the dry ground, causing life to happen.  Rain causes so many worries, it is the cause of hurricanes and typhoons.  Rain is terrifying.  There are times when it rains and I can see it streaming down my window pains, blurring the world outside, giving a perfect picture of my heart.  Not exactly sure what is there, but I can see a glimpse of something with substance. 

   I remember times when I will run out in the rain and just let it pour down on me, seeping through my clothes and skin, not having a care in the world.  It’s so refreshing to have wet, cool water pour down on you, washing away any worries or dispair.  Sometimes when it rains too much, it’s extremely depressing and casts a dank and dark glower over a place.  But all in all my love for the rain will never diminish…when it rains.