Last night I went to watch the rehearsal of Alice and Wonderland at Theatre Bristol since I would not be able to make any of the performances.  I ended up going early since my brother is helping out with the show and I was his ride to rehearsal.  I end up meeting with old friends, ones that I have not seen in awhile.  It was refreshing to make my return to the theatre since it has been quite a while since I’ve stepped foot into the Paramount theatre.  I used to do a lot of costume work at the theatre and even helped manage a few shows backstage in the costuming area.  Oh how much I have missed those opportunities and it felt good to be back.  Even though I had no part in the show and I was just a meet observer, I still felt a part of the theatre.  I sat down in the house awaiting the show to open, I knew I had quite a while to wait because the actors still needed to change into their costumes and do their makeup.  The director called the cast out to the house to give them a little pep talk and then they were released to go get ready.  James, the costumer, headed backstage with everyone giving directions on what needed to be done.  Feeling completely helpless I stand up and look over at Emily-Ann, the Producer and everything else for Theatre Bristol, and ask if they need any help.  She replies that I should go ask James and so I make my way backstage ready to plunge into the excitement.  I find James in his costume shop getting makeup together and I report for duty.  He hands me a tube of red face paint and some q-tips and sends me up to the dressing room.  Right there I switch into costumer mode and I head up to the ladies dressing room.  I open the door and step inside to a whole other world of hairspray, makeup and girls running around getting ready.  There is a loud din of laughter and girls helping each other out with their costumes and what not.  There’s a sense of chaos, but I plunge right into the midst of it immediatly asking who needs their face painted.  Little girls dressed as flowers line up to get two round circles on each of their cheeks.  I quickly swipe on the circle calling out whoever is next.  One flower ends up not having a costume and so I go on a rampage trying to find it, another girl needs help with her makeup, another needs bobby pins, its a mix of chaos but I handle it all with no problem.  I end up running around, going up and down the stairs countless times helping everyone get read, I seem to be everywhere at once.  When everyone is finally dressed and ready and I’m the last one in the dressing room ushering everyone down to the green room and when the dressing room is cleared, I head to the house.  I see Emily-Ann and John sitting in the middle aisle folding Alice shirts.  I sit down and start talking to them and then Emily-Ann asks me if I would take over her job.  I take the shirt she was folding and start my task.  I work right up to the beginning of the start of the show and then I am able to enjoy myself.  I loved being in a familiar surrounding where I know everyone and I was able to just jump in and help.  I wasn’t even a part of the crew or anything, I was just going to be there one night and I was able to help out.  It was a lot of fun and something that I wish I could do more often.