Last night I was able to spend the evening with two of my siblings.  We messed around a bit taking silly pictures of our mad faces, or sexy poses and then of course gangster.  We headed down to my bed room and started singing musicals, acting out certain duets and being completly rediculous.  Sometimes it would sound good and other times not so much, but we kept singing and laughed at ourselves.  We then turned on some hip-hop music and started dancing, except I can’t really ‘move’ my body.  My sister is good at moving to the music and doing hip-hip moves and i’m standing beside her stiff as a board trying to get my body to move!  I have good rythm and I can feel the music, but the only dance I have been trained in is Ballet and ball room dancing where the body is supposed to be upright and erect.  She would tell me, shoulders in, chin down and bend your knees, which is the exact opposite of the dancing i know.  Most of the time I’m supposed to keep my shoulder back, my chin up and my body as straight as possible.  I finally got the hang of it, but her and my brother were still laughing at how rediculous I looked.  I didn’t mind though because I was among family and with family it doesn’t matter how you look because they won’t judge.  It was a really fun evening, just being able to let loose and be crazy.  It was definitely a stress reliever even in such a stressful time.