11:11 came around and I was told to make a wish.  I closed my eyes and held my breath and made my wish.  “What did you wish for?”  “I can’t tell you, than it won’t come true.”  That was what I was taught whenever someone made a wish.  “No, I believe that you tell someone your wish and then maybe somebody will make it come true one day.”  I liked that concept, but I still stuck to what I believed.  Maybe because I was a little too shy to share what my wish had been.  But I think they had a good point, tell people your dreams and thoughts and someone will help them come true. 

You want to know my wish?  Well it is still going to be kept a secret, I just liked the conversation and made me think. 

It is okay to dream and wish, whether they come true or not.  It is the part of believing and hoping.  I can never give that up.