Having just moved to a new location, five hours away from where I was originally, I am trying to settle myself in this big, new place called Nashville.  Only being here about two and a half weeks I have learned that I am very horrible with directions and living away from home is a dream come true.  Except I miss the comforts of home like the meals and the security of living with your parents, and of course no rent.  I went home this past weekend to see my family and automatically my body and mind was like, “Hey i know this place.”  I slept better than in Nashville, I loved not having to use my GPS to get around, my make-up bag even found its normal spot right beside the sink in the bathroom.  And yet, after two days in my familiar, hometown I wanted to go back to my exciting new life in Nashville.  No matter how uncomfortable I feel at times, being independent is something I love a lot.  So here I am, in the in-between, where my mind and heart is trying to settle itself.  I probably should stop confusing it by going back home so often, but I cannot help that I miss the place.  I am trying to familiarize myself with the sights around me, get in a comfortable routine at home and establish myself as much as I possible.  It will take time, I don’t mind being in the in-between, because I can see it as a transition into the next chapter of my life.