Interviews scare the hell out of me.  You are sitting there while someone opposite of you scrutinizes everything about you.  Am I good enough to impress this person so they will give me a job and pay me?  I try to smile a lot and make good, confident eye contact so they know that I am serious and well I can stay focused.  My eyes do like to wander around, looking at the office around me or the people.  Depends on the setting.  I have to tell myself, “This is no time to be admiring the decor of the room.” 

     I had an interview for a coffee shop a week ago and I tried to look my best.  I must say I looked rather chic, but I was slightly uncomfortable.  All I worried about was if I looked ok.  The interview was fine, short but sweet.  I tried to be engaging and funny and cute…a young guy was interviewing me, but I guess that was not what he was looking for.  I got an e-mail a few days later telling me the position was already filled.  That he would contact me the moment another position opened. Right. I am not sure if I believe that.  So what was it?  Was it my outfit, I didn’t give him enough eye contact?  I didn’t ooze confidence, what is wrong with me?  Rejection is something I hate to deal with.  Except I like to act…and actors go through severe processes of auditioning themselves for a certain role.  And get rejected…a lot! 

      I go into my bank the other day to deposit money and open a savings account.  I feel pretty good, I am comfortable, I am happy, I am not stressed out.  Life is good.  I go in and do my business, I set up my savings account and this really nice lady is helping me.  She is older, and very sweet and we get to talking.  We chat like we are old friends and I am being bubbly for some reason.  She practically offers me a job, here I am in jeans, sandals and a tank top and she offers me a job!  She then sends me over to another branch of the bank to talk to HER supervisor in only jeans and a tank.  Something is wrong with this picture, but I didn’t care.  I was myself, and that is who she saw.  Not someone trying to impress the other person, she saw me.  And I know this because I told her I have no experience with this kind of work.  She told me that it didn’t matter, I had the right personality for the job. 

     I felt pretty good about myself.  Take that coffee man!  I may, hopefully, 99% sure I am getting a job as a bank teller.  I guess why I am so excited about this opportunity is because I just feel good about this whole thing, I feel like myself, I feel actually capable.  Not beaten down.  I mean I worked as a barista for two and half years, I think I know how to work in a coffee shop.  The one place I actually know how to work and then I get a job offer from a BANK!  I thought you had to have a special degree to work at places like that.  See what I know.  Anyways, very exciting for me.  My life is coming together here in Nashville, TN.