I have been watching a ten-year old boy for the past two days, made my home away from home here in the Fernandez resident.  Ben is a brilliant little guy who likes to sing everything and talk in a slightly off British and Australian accent.  He is one of the most low maintenance boys I have ever watched.  He is a down right sweetheart, answers me in the sweetest little voice, but when it is time to impress his friends all of that flies out the windows.  He gives me funny looks and tries to act older than he really is.  The hardest part about this kid is how picky of an eater he is.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner has no consistency to it, he eats whenever he feels like it and it is usually cereal or pizza.  He also drinks organic Horizons vanilla milk like it is going out of style.  He does not like to be forced to do things he does not want to do.  If I force him to eat something he gets upset and so I have decided to be the “cool baby sitter” and let him just eat whenever he wants to.  As long as it is not ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I’m pretty chill about it.

     I played battle ship last night with Ben on my team and his friend Blake opposite of us.  Ben soon lost interest and it was down to Blake and I.  Before that Ben had asked questions so on our board the pegs created a smiley face.  Thus one of the reason why I lost, but it was cute none the less.  He thinks his cat, Comet, is his little brother and he loves the creek down by their house.  I have had a lot of fun watching this kid.  I think he is a fun little character, I am never bored around him. 

    Being at Ben’s house two and half days has taken me away from reality.  I don’t have any responsibility in the world, except right here at this little home in Nashville suburbia.  When Ben is off playing I am reading my book or on the internet, so I am not doing anything entirely productive.  I think of all the things I will have to do when I get back home:  I still need to change my tags or to TN, send in my resume etc…but for right now all that has been shoved to Wednesday and I am going to enjoy my time in my little baby sitting bubble.