And just like yesterday, it was all a dream…

I long to be that little girl who dreamed of being a ballerina.  When I was young I had so much ambition, so many imaginings.  I knew what I wanted in life, I wanted to dance, I wanted to be a mother, and I was going to have a good life.  I look around me and everywhere is death and decay, we are a hopeless generation.  Why can’t I still dream about dancing?  I can dance in my heart, knowing that I am alive.  Every day is gift from above and I don’t want to toss that away.  Difficult times come and go, but I remember that dream of when I was little. 

Dance, dream big, and don’t give up. 

Even though my parents couldn’t afford ballet lessons they still attended to what I wanted to do.  One year for Christmas they gave me a ballet book, which is almost falling apart because I have looked at it so much.  They gave me my very own leotard and ballet shoes.  I felt so special.  Even though I had no technique and I didn’t know a thing about dance I tried my best to mimic everything I saw.  I read that ballet book from front to cover trying to understand the words, even though most of the terms were in French.  At the age of fifteen I was able to take a year of ballet lessons, I paid for them myself and I had a glimpse into the life of a ballerina. 

Something I had longed for all my life. 

Even now I wish I had pursued that dream, but everything happens for a reason.  I can still love it and when I am down or having a bad day, I put on some music and just dance.  I release myself into a whole other realm where I feel free and let my body dance to the rhythm.  What an amazing feeling to just let go of the worry.  That is what dance means to me, an escape from my life.  Something I can hold onto and just let it live through me.  I don’t care that I will never be the best dancer, or make a career out of it, but I will keep dancing just for the love of it.  I thank God for that passion and the gift to be able to use dance as an expression of myself. 

                People give up their desires too quickly.  They see that it is impossible, but there are ways to overcome the obstacles.  I love to hear about people who cannot sing a lick, but they love it so much they sing anyway.  Even if their shower is the only one to hear them, all that matters is they are doing something they love.