I did something that I have never done before.  Jumped off the side of a cliff.  Wow, talk about a crazy experience.  I went to the Buffalo River in TN with a bunch of friends and went canoeing.  We had an amazing time, but a lot of wild stuff happened.  I haven’t been on an adventure like this in a while and it was quite refreshing.  It made me feel like my life is not being wasted by sitting at home in front of my computer…or maybe it is. Anyways, this cliff was not terrible high…it did not look high from the bottom.  Of course, that always happens.  I saw it and told myself I had to do this.  I had to jump off.  I was so determined.  As I was climbing up (the path was covered in mud so by the time I got to the top I was so muddy.  You had to jump then so you could wash all the mud and dirt off), I told myself to get up there and just go.  I had to just do it, I couldn’t think about it.  I didn’t even look at the water because I didn’t want my brain to compute what I was actually about to do.  There was other people on top, all freaked out of their minds trying to sike each other out so they would jump.  I kept telling myself, “You can do this.  It is nothing, everyone else is fine.”  It wasn’t the landing I was afraid of, or that I was going to be safe.  I knew that the water would be deep enough to catch my fall.  It was the horrible falling sensation my body kept feeling.  I hate that sensation more than anything.  Heights don’t scare me that much.  It’s free-falling.  I had to do it though, I was already up there.  I get up to the ledge ready to jump then I chicken out.  I get so scared I start shaking.  I back away and let other people go.  Everyone I know had already jumped, so I had to go.  I had to do it.  I stood at the edge, tried my best to get over my fears and went for the plunge.  It was terrifying, I felt like I was falling forever.  I smacked the water and went under, wanting to envelope myself in the cushion.  I didn’t panic to reach the top, the feeling was almost refreshing.  Except my insides felt like they were going to come out.  I think I was in shock for like two seconds, just because the feeling was so intense.  But I had conquered the cliff.  I had faced my fear and jumped off.  What an amazing feeling.  I will probably never do that again…well who knows.  I had a lot of fun and it was indeed a crazy day.  I am so exhausted while I write this,  So excuse this blog entry, just try to relate to the feeling.  We’ve all had those terrifying moments.  I mean it’s just cliff jumping?