Hello world.  I have finally come out to see you.  Yes, I know, I like to hide away in my house.  With no job and no income there isn’t much I can do except stay home and do things there.  Lucky for me I have a coffee shop right down the road I can walk to and just hang out.  Only a $1.64 for a cup of coffee.  Perfect.  Spending the afternoon there was nice, I was all alone, but surrounded by interesting people.  I sat in my corner and just read my fantastic book, The Time Traveler’s Wife.  My favorite book.  If anyone asked me what my favorite book is, expect this answer.  Faces are lit up by their laptop screens.  Laughing, frowning, biting their lip…I can see you, can you see me?  I glance at the art work hung up for sale.  This artist likes to paint fruits and vegetables.  It’s cute.  Quaint.  Something I could see in a kitchen.  My favorite is one of a fork.  The fork is yellow and the background is a vibrant blue.  Cute.  I get moved from my table.  Sounds odd?  Yeah it was.  Sitting at this big table by myself, because there was no available tables at the moment.  A girl approaches me and asks me if I was waiting for someone?  I reply, no.  She then begins to tell me, in a very animated, friendly way that she really needed this table and she found the perfect little table for me.  In the corner, good for people watching and reading.  I agree to move, no problem at all.  I realize this big table is not for only one person, and she had multiple people with her.  She explains she works for the coffee shop and offers me a free cup of coffee.  I politely decline seeing mine is still half full and move to the small corner.  She was right, it was a nice place to sit.  Had a good view of the front door and the counter, so I watched people as they moved in and out.  Glancing up from the white pages I catch someone’s eye and smile.  Is the guy at the front counter watching me?  Maybe I was noticed.

Thank you world for a good afternoon.  I felt relaxed and calm.  Even though it seems like my life is going nowhere at the moment, it is a good time to just sit and watch everyone elses life go by.  Thanks for noticing me world.  I do feel a part of you.  Now I am back home, ready to spend the evening with my sister and her friend.