Old Soul

An old soul that is what I am.

Missing when times were simple,

And my heart fully loved.

Listen to the radio can you hear my song?

Jump and Jiving down the street

The echoes of memories in my mind

You tell me things have changed

Everywhere I look is madness

Sadness and value is discarded.

Remember when hope was unbroken

Shining seas never looked duller,

Is this all I have to live for?

Carefully I choose my crime

The haunted memories from my time

I wish for those better days,

When laughing was a meaning for gay.

Sing me a song, a song of triumph.

Listen to the voices, who are they calling?

Old soul, where have you gone?

I listen for your call.

I want to remember…

I want to feel…

Old soul, we have forgotten.