American Idol auditions are here in Nashville.  The official auditions are tomorrow, all day long.  My friend and sister are here to audition.  I dropped them off yesterday at the Bridgestone Arena for registration.  The road was blocked off and there was people everywhere!  I heard from someone, that just thursday morning there was twelve thousand people at registration.  It is amazing the amount of people that try out for this show.  Ryan and Sylvia (friend and sister) said that some of the people they saw were just ridiculous.  I think some people just do it to get on TV.  It is sad how some people are convinced they have talent.  If you love to sing, the go for it, sing your little heart out, but don’t make a fool out of yourself.  Although it makes good entertainment for the rest of us watching. 

      Getting ready for tomorrow has been fun, Ryan and Sylvia are doing singing exercises and singing their songs until we get sick of them.  Sylvia does not even have all of her songs picked out.  It has been a crazy and fun experience.  I wish I was going with them tomorrow, but unfortunately I have to babysit.  Would definitely be a good time to people watch.  The whole struggle for Ryan and Sylvia is to figure out how to make themselves apart from the others.  What makes them good enough to go to the next round?  It is hard to tell what the judges are looking for, who catches their eye. 

      I do not think I could audition, would be too nerve wracking.  I like to sing, but I would be afraid that I would mess up or make a fool out of myself.  I commend Ryan and Sylvia for even taking that step in putting themselves out there.  Who knows maybe one of them will be the next American Idol!