I think a lot of people can agree that their mother is one of the most influential people in their life. She is seriously the person I look up to the most. She is the most elegant, poised and beautiful woman I know. If there was anyone I would want to be like, it would be her. In these past few months I have gotten extremely close to her.  Before I never came to her for advice; I never wanted to talk to her about my problems. For some reason it felt weird, I mean my mom being my best friend? But then I realized something was missing in my life. I think it is important for a girl that her mother becomes her best friend, a confidante. Because when you get older you are experiencing the adult part of life and it is good to have someone who can be there for you. Tell you about their experiences and give you help along the way. If you don’t have a mother, find someone in your life who will be that figure for you.

        I am a lot like my mother. She hides her emotions, puts on this front that everything is right with the world and tends to be a little prideful. Yeah, maybe not the best qualities, but at least I can understand myself a little more. How I deal with situations is how she deals with them, I guess which is what I am trying to say. A lot of people are intimidated by her. The guys my sisters and I bring home are more afraid of her than my dad. Which is kind of backwards, but she enjoys being the ‘bad guy.’ So to speak, even though she is the most down to earth and fun person I know. She is so strong too. I think she is the one that holds this family together. My dad can be rather high strung and unpredictable and I commend her for being able to put up with him. That sounds terrible, but for real, my dad can be so difficult. And she handles him with so much grace and she is submissive. It is amazing to watch them work. I really have been blessed with amazing parents.

        Those past few months that we got really close was because my dad was going away a lot for work. At home it was just her and my two other siblings. They worked a lot and so usually it was just me and her in the evenings. We would end up hanging out together and this consisted of Chinese and a movie. Chinese is both of our favorite food and so it worked out really well. We would ask each other, “What do we want for dinner?” And it was obvious what the other person was thinking, we both wanted Chinese. So that was our ritual, we ate Chinese food together and talked about life. She helped me through some rocky parts in my past relationship and it was an awesome time. I guess why I am writing this is because I miss her a lot and I want people to know the amazing influence I have had in my life. Everyone loves my mother; I don’t think she has one enemy. Except for those guys who are terrified of her, this is how it should always be. I hope to be a good mother and wife like her one day.

     Mom, I love you so much. Thanks for everything you do. Thanks for being my best friend and loving me despite the mistakes I make.