So…I have a week until I start my new job.  One more week where I can do, basically whatever!  I am saying, that I will have a lot of free time.  I still won’t have an income, so spending money is kind of out of the question.  But I need something to do…so I won’t go crazy.  If anyone has any awesome ideas, just let me know.  I mean, I am living in Nashville, TN.  This awesome city with, what it seems like, a lot to do.  I like to be adventurous, I just don’t like to get lost, or drive around forever for a parking spot.  (yes, both of these has happened to me many times before)

    Suggestions are welcome!   If there isn’t any, I will think some up myself, because I am that brilliant and I will keep you posted.  So here is to the week of freedom! May it be filled with…freedom. Ok, goodnight.