I think this is so beautiful! Read and comment if you want. This was actually written by my sister who has a blog as well. She is a beautiful person and has a lot to say. This girl is going places for sure. Just wanted to share something that has a lot of meaning to both of us.

Out of Control Crashing cars. Manic bars. Subway mazes. Ocean waves. Banjo song. Uphill run. Circus tents. Paying opera house rent. Thundering applause.Seeing Santa Claus. Bookworm nook. Bank robbery crook. Handkerchief affair. Keys to upstairs. Mustard hallways. Pushing the boundaries. Caking on mud. Makeup before soap suds. Roadtrip money. Singing with honey. Broken teacups. Gym short pushups. Sharing gum. Red lipstick kisses on the run. Tuxedo … Read More

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