I get a text message from my sister, Bethany, last night saying “Hey, let’s wake up at 7am and workout.”  I reply, “Yeah sounds great.”  I tell my sister Rachel this, thinking what a great idea it seems and she is like, “Good luck with that.  Guarantee Bethany will flake out on you.  She has good intentions, but she never follows through.”  I’m like whatever, maybe tomorrow morning will be different.  So I go to bed at a relatively early time and set my alarm for 7am.  I even set out my work out clothes, so I can just roll out of bed and put them on.  7am rolls around and I get up and head to Bethany’s room.  I wake her up and the first thing out of her mouth is, “Go back to bed.  I am not getting up.”  And then she conks out.  I give a huff and head downstairs.  Rachel is sitting on the couch with her laptop just hanging out.  “She’s not getting up!”  “I told you!”  She replies with a small smirk.  So I go back to bed like Bethany ordered.  I contemplated just working out by myself, but it sounded like too much work for me.  I slept in late and then Bethany wakes me up and is like “Hey!  Let’s work out!”  It was ridiculous.  So we did…at ten in the morning.  So much for good intentions.  And it was only for ten minutes, not going to lie. 

   Living with my sisters has been a lot of fun, but sometimes not so fun.  It is the three of us in this cute little house in downtown Nashville.  Incase anyone was wondering I have now been living in Nashville for one month!  Pretty exciting and I still love it here and none of us girls have tried to kill each other yet, so we’re doing good!  Sometimes life gets stressful and we can get annoyed with one another, but that is the part of living in the same house with two other people.  Sisters none the less. 

    Bethany and I are really close, we play music together and watch movies and hang.  We have a lot of fun.  We are in the process of getting a band together or something like that.  I play djembe and piano and she plays guitar and piano and is also an amazing song writer, so who knows what will come out of that.  I love that since I have moved here I have had a little influence on her, like now she adores the Jonas Brothers.  (Yes, you can make fun, but I love them) and she texted me today telling me she is wearing one of my rings to work.  Bethany is not a jewelry person or likes to keep up with the latest fashion like me, so it is fun to see her taste and style evolving. 

    Usually when I am hanging out with Rachel it is with her boyfriend.  Which is fine with me, at first I felt like a third wheel, but I am starting to become more comfortable with the idea.  The things I don’t do with Bethany, I do with Rachel.  If that makes sense.  They are completely two different people, Rachel and I will go get coffee and shop and write together and do arts and craft sort of stuff.  We delight over organic food at Trader Joes and about books and other things like that. 

    One thing I love about living at home is having to cook for myself.  I love grocery shopping and buying food (I am NOT living off of ramen noodles or mac and cheese), we actually eat pretty well.  Rachel is an amazing cook, she can seriously throw random things together and make this amazing dinner.  I am learning a lot from her.  I had my sister, Sylvia (to clarify: there is four girls all together.  Sylvia lives in Bristol, VA and is soon to be moving to Winchester, VA) and best friend, Ryan come to visit for a few days.  I loved having guest come, I was able to prepare the house and get their room and bed(s) ready.  I went shopping for food they liked, things like that.   And when they were there I was like the host, I cooked for them, made sure they had fresh towels, etc…It was a lot of fun.  I know this sounds wierd, but I seriously enjoyed it.  I love living on my own, I love having a house to make my own, I love living in Nashville!  I will record more stories and things about my sisters and I as they happen.  Many interesting things happen when you live in a house with two other girls, your sisters none the less.