This week has been the busiest I have had since I’ve moved to Nashville.  I have been keeping myself busy and today was the first time that us three sisters hung out together.  I went out and bought the new Jonas LA cd, which was pretty exciting.  It came out yesterday and so I needed a copy for myself.  Bethany and I have been listening to it all day long.  I call it the perfect summer jam.  I love things that make me feel like it is summer.  Whether it is music, or a piece of clothing or even food.  We had this awesome summer dinner the other night, such as grilled chicken, corn on the cob and this awesome salad.  I smelled the charcoal and the grilled food and immediately I was taken back to the summer days when I was a kid. 

     Tonight I went out with Bethany to go see a friend’s band.  The Morgan Alexander Band at the Blue Bar.  It was nice to get out and experience a bit of Nashville.  The set was nice, I enjoyed the music. 

   I wanted to go see Inception today, but it didn’t work out.  Everyone, I mean literally everyone who has seen it says it is amazing!  I have not heard one negative word.  I am such a movie person.  I watch everything except for horror films.  I took a  film class in college and since then I have not been able to watch movies the same.  I have become obsessed with Wes Anderson and my favorite film is The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.  It is seriously the best movie ever made.  Go out and rent it right now.  The humor is a little off, very dry and subtle, but that is what I love about the film.  I especially love French films.  They are much different from American films, the stories and even the acting style.  It is very interesting.  I like watching movies for the cultural aspect and also for entertainment.  I also found that films are very artistic, I have gained a lot of respect for the director.  Before I was more into the actors and actresses, but then I learned about the other side of film making.  Anyways, I could go on and on about the movies I like and don’t like.  It is definitely one of my favorite past times. 

   So if you have a favorite film you absolutely adore, I would definitely love to know.  Some film that has impacted your life or just love for the simple reason that it is awesome.

   Looking forward to the rest of the week.  Probably have some friends coming in from Boone, which is very exciting.  I plan on having fun this weekend before I go into work on Monday!  Ah, it gets closer everyday.  I am so tired, but I am going to just chill and…watch a movie with my sister. Ha!