Life according to a ten-year old boy: (I was baby sitting all day today, so of course that gives time for some interesting conversation and random topics)

Lady Gaga: She only acts crazy to get money.  She is so wierd, he think she is really messed up.

The countries he would like to visit: China, Kentucky and California. (He was like, I know those are states, but I really want to go there).  Fair enough.

Music: He knows every word to Taylor Swifts song, Love Story.  But his favorite song is this screamo, heavy metal song that I don’t let him play often because it is so…heavy.  

Fears: He told me that he used to be afraid of sharks, but he wanted to face his fears so he watched youtube videos of sharks so he wouldn’t be afraid.  I am like wow, this kid is legit. 

Politics:  He knew more about the world than I did!  Well not really, but he discussed intelligently the effects of the oil spill and what he thinks about President Obama. 

He said that he never lies to his babysitters, because he trusts them.  But sometimes he lies to protect himself. 

We discussed if we could be an animal for a day what would we be.  He said that he would want to be a rabbit, dog or shark.  Shark would be the coolest for him.  I said giraffe, simply because they are my favorite animal and I think they are beautiful.  He started laughing, because who would want to be a giraffe?  They cannot do anything cool.  So I decided I would be some kind of wild cat, so I could run fast.  He was satisfied, but still made fun of me for the giraffe remark.

He loves art, we drew all day until the sides of our hands were covered in smudge marks.  He is extremely artistic, he named all of his pictures.  The names told something about the pictures, not what it was.  If that makes sense.  His pictures were very beautiful and colorful, I think this kid has potential.  We were looking through an art book and he was very adamant about Van Gogh’s work.  There was a painting of an old woman cooking an egg and it was called something like, “Old Woman Cooking an Egg.”  He was disgusted with the name.  He was like, why call it what it is?  It should be called something like, “The Egg of Old.”   Where he comes up with this stuff, I have no idea. 

So we decided to draw the pictures of the animals we wanted to be.  I decided on the giraffe (not the wild cat), just because I wanted to draw one.  He told me to name the picture, so I said something generic like amazing giraffe and he was like no, that is too obvious.  So I came up with “The Jungle Queen” and he was satisfied.  I was quite amused.

We had our own version of American Idol auditions, since he loves to sing, and it was quite a fun time.  He sang “Move Along” by the All American Rejects and I sang “Thinking of You” by Katy Perry.     

He told me he wants to be a guidance counselor so he tried to get me to talk to him about my problems.  He was like, I will help you.  This kid is so intelligent.  He is very neglected in many ways because his mother goes out all the time and his sister usually leaves him to himself, so he was very grateful for the quality time we spent together today.  He didn’t want me to leave and asked when I was coming back.  These kind of remarks makes me feel special, like I made a difference in some kids life. 

I find the way he thinks very fascinating, to hear about the world through a kids mouth.  It is sometimes inspiring and almost accurate.  They have such perception and do not get the chance to speak their mind whenever they want to.