This is my song right now.  Just click on the link and listen to it.  You may be slightly turned off because of who it is, but don’t judge.  I first heard this song and fell in love with it.  I think mostly because of the music, it has a lot of feeling and I really like the sound.  I usually have a song I become obsessed with for awhile and I tend to overplay it.  Then I get super sick of it and never want to listen to the song ever again!  The only song that has never happened is “When You Were Young” by The Killers.  This is my favorite song, I seriously could listen to it every day for the rest of my life and be completely fine.  That is a slight exaggeration…but anyways, I just wanted to share this song because I really love it.

 Tonight I was put on dinner duty.  I made this really awesome meal and my sisters were seriously impressed.  It is so funny, every time I cook they get really surprised.  Rachel was like, “Okay, we can keep you as a roommate.”  I’m like, do I look like I can’t cook or something?  I mean it is great that I please them with my cooking, but I am serious, every time they make a comment about how surprised or impressed with my mad cooking skills (those are my words not theres).  I guess because I act really helpless when I do cook, like I had no idea what temperature to put the oven on to bake potatoes.  I mean I figured it out, but yeah probably makes them worried that I had to ask a silly question like that.  But seriously, how many people know basic cooking skills and such?  Not very many.  Point proven.  Okay moving on.  Tonight I decided is going to be a chill night.  I am definitely feeling an old movie and some hot tea.  Sounds so cozy and relaxing.  Both sisters are out tonight, so it is just me.  I relish in these alone times, just because I am a person that definitely needs my “me” time.  It is how I wind down from my day and relieve stress.  Anyways, that is what is happening in my life at the moment. 

So listen to the song…if you haven’t already.  I recommend listening to the song while reading this entry and it just adds this awesome effect.  Or not.  Okay going to watch my movie, have a good evening!