It is weird not writing in a few days, but due to my limited access of the internet and lack of time, the need for blogging was put aside.  I visited my family in Bristol this past weekend and had a glorious time!  It is always nice to see my parents and hug their neck.  It was also amazing to see my twin sister, Sylvia.  (Did I mention we were twins).  We are super close and Friday night when I arrived we stayed up late, just her and I, in her bedroom giggling and talking.  Just like old times.  One of the reasons I went to Bristol was to see my dad perform in his play, Godspell!  What a treat that was.  It was his first musical ever and what a splendid job he did.  What an amazing show it was all around!  I have never been thoroughly entertained in my life.  I laughed so hard I cried, and cried so hard my make-up ran.  It had so many funny and beautiful moments.  The play is the retelling of the gospel of Jesus.  But done in an entertaining and funny way.  It had a lot of key moments that just rang true in my heart.  Some of the songs were truly anointed and was definitely a praise unto God.  Whether those actors believed what they were singing or not, you could definitely feel the meaning behind those words.

    I am back in Nashville now.  When I walked into the door from after getting back from Bristol I felt myself grow content.  The life here in this city that I had dropped for a few days was waiting for me.  I shuffled through the mail that was thrown on the table and grabbed the pieces that were mine, I walked up to my room with bag in hand to unpack.  The items in my suitcase found their rightful place.  I got on my laptop and browsed through my untouched e-mails.  I made a to-do list for the week and then laid out my clothes for work the next day.  It was like a pause button was pushed and then when I walked through the door everything went full speed ahead. 

   Work:  My first day at my actual bank branch and what a busy and long day it was!  There was so much learn and do and I am exhausted, but really enjoyed what I did today.  I think I will like working there, if not even love it.  Which would be nice, it is always a good thing when you love your job. 

  That is the update on my life.  Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  Let me know what you did! 

p.s. can you believe it is already August!!!!!!!