My friend and I hung out one day and sometimes we like to just drive around and talk.  Look at the scenery and just…drive.  He took me out to the place that he works.  He works on a farm, specifically a dairy farm.   We drove for a while on this really curvy road, surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery.  Surrounding us was massive fields of planted corn and huge hay bales.  I wasn’t used to seeing such spread out properties and nothing for miles except for tall grass and trees.

     He took me to this one piece of land that his boss owns.  It had this amazing white house on the property.  It had huge windows all in a row at the front of the house, which is the part I like best.  When I own a house, I want one with so many windows.  That way it is bright inside, except there will be a lot of washing windows and dead birds.  It had a huge tree right outside, with a tire swing and everything.  The property looked like it came out of a Nicholas Sparks book or something.  The house was only being used for storage, which is a shame because I really loved it.  Across the driveway there was a huge paddock, surrounded by perfect white fence and across the road was a running brook.  Strung up over the running water was a swinging bridge.  You could hear the water rushing past in a delicate manner.  The air was hot, but there was a cool breeze making it bearable to be outside.  I, or course, wanted to walk across the bridge; I mean it looked so cool!  He led the way and once he stepped on he started jumping, making the bridge swing from side to side.  I’m gripping onto the sides as I squeal in delight.  It wasn’t scary, because you could tell it was really secure.  It wasn’t just old rope and some rickety wood, there was a cable strung up to keep it really safe.  We walked across to the middle and I look down.  The water was so clear, you could see each rock defined by the sunlight.  The shore was covered in pebbles and seaweed danced like mermaid tails on top of the water.  There was a dam that was built with rocks, and water trickled through continuing the flow.  He pointed out a beaver dam, which was really cool to see.  We then decided since it was getting really hot that we would wade in the cool water.  It was really refreshing, except I saw black dots all over the rocks and I asked what they were and he said it was tiny freshwater snails.  Kind of freaked me out a bit.  Then he proceeded to tell me that snakes lived in the mass of seaweed, which I freaked out even more  (Which wasn’t true cause snakes don’t live under water).  THEN! he went fishing for crawdads…under rocks.  The rocks we were standing on.  Yeah, I wasn’t happy. Gosh, I can be such a girl sometimes.  I am exaggerating just a little bit…honestly, I was fine.  It was just a perfect place!  The farm was beautiful, the brook was equally gorgeous and the swinging bridge was so awesome!  I had never been on anything like that.  All I could think of was the first Shrek movie when Donkey and Shrek were crossing over the rickety bridge, over a lake of lava to save Fiona.  I was in a slightly different situation, not as terrifying, thank God!  It was a good day though, very enjoyable.   

swinging bridge