I have decided that I need to start studying the Word more.  I read the Bible occasionally, (hint the word occasionally), like a Psalm here and there.  For some reason it has always been hard for me to dig into the word by myself.  I don’t know why, maybe because it takes a lot of brain power or…discipline.  Whenever I do pick up the Bible and just flip through I always find something really profound and then other times it is like what am I reading?  And I think a lot of people can relate to that.  I have always envied those people that can sit for hours with their Bible and a concordance with their little notebook and study the word.  They find the Hebrew meanings for thing and cross referencing and all this stuff that is so foreign to me.  I know it would be like studying any textbook, but you can’t think a lot about the Bible with your mind, you have to take it in with your heart.  If that makes sense.  Anyways, so studying the Bible has been on my heart.  I have been praying being like God, I know I should be reading my Bible every day, I should be studying your word, I know, but to be quite honest I find it really difficult, please show me a way.  Well it so happens that God loves to answer prayers so at my new job, my supervisor happens to be this amazing Christian.  Once I started talking to her I felt my spirit quicken, I was like, this woman knows the Lord.  We instantly had a connection and now we take our lunches together and talk about the Lord.  It is so awesome!  Anyways, the subject of studying the word came up and she told me of this way that she does it.  She takes a book of the Bible, write the whole thing down on a notepad (through a course of a few days or weeks) and then highlights the important words etc…anyways, once I heard this I was like I have to know how to do this.  It is called inductive study.  Anything that includes a lot of writing things down, I am there.  So she gave me my very own notebook, I picked a book and she is going to help me get through the book of Philippians.  So I am really excited.  She handed me the notebook and was like, you better fill this with scripture.  I went home and before I went to bed I went through half of the first chapter.  When you write stuff down you are catching every single word.  It’s so awesome.  Anyways, I’m just really excited that I found a way to study the Bible that I actually enjoy and I can do.  I mean every one is different, maybe you are okay with just reading the Word and all this awesome revelation comes rushing in, that doesn’t happen so often to me.  I am just excited about the things that God is doing in my life and the people’s lives around me.  It is really great to know that my workplace is being led by a Believer.  God is good.  He knows where to put us, the right time and place and it is a good feeling.  To know God is in control, He hears our hearts and He never fails us.  What a blessing. 

Well have to get ready for work.  Hope everyone has an amazing day.  Hope it is filled with Jesus’ presence and love.