roses and perfume

    I went shopping the other day and got some new work clothes.  This is one of the shirts that I purchased and I really like it, the shirt is this shear material with pretty roses.  It is very feminine and I got a lot of compliments yesterday when I wore it.  Thanks for my twin sister who is amazing with fashion, I tend to get on these fashion kicks.  For awhile “my color” was purple.  Everything I bought was purple shirts, nail polish, jewelry etc…but now I really like the colors like a rose pink and nude.  I bought some nude colored nail polish, which gives my nails a natural and subtle look.  It looks really nice and clean.  Instead of the crazy bright colors I have been wearing for summer.  I have also had this obsession with nude colored high heels, I think they are amazing.  They go with everything, black AND brown.  Which is so hard to come by, a shoe that goes with both colors.  I do not own a pair, but one of these days when I find the right shoe I will own a pair of nude colored high-heels.  As far as the color rose, it is good for clothing and also for makeup, such as blush or a lip color.  It is classy and feminine.  

    Other than obsessing over new ideas for my wardrobe I have been working like crazy.  More than forty hours a week, which is fantastic.  I can’t complain.  Besides this job is just sent from heaven, the environment is amazing.  I love the people I work with and waiting on customers is my favorite part.  

  Sunday was my only day off this past week and I had an amazing day.  Both of my sisters were off of work so we spent the day together.  We went shopping, have to take advantage of the tax free weekend!  We then decided to have a totally chill evening, we went home and Bethany made two apple pies.  Life is good when you know you have a sister who can make such wonderful creations.  One of the best part of the day was when me, my two sisters and Rachel’s boyfriend went for a walk later in the evening.  We ran through a sprinkler is someone’s yard.  We played red light, green light in a parking lot.  Apparently I am fond of remembering my childhood, well because I remember it being so..fond.  My family used to go on walks around our neighborhood.  We had the little block and the big block.  Some nights we would go around the little block, but if we were feeling really good we would go around the big block.  The big block we always passed the “Little Store”, everything in Rushville (my hometown) was little, except the big block, and this store had amazing treats.  Like popsicles and ice cream and when we passed it we hoped with all our hearts that my dad would decide to stop to get us a treat.  My little brother was the only one brave enough  to ask.  On these walks we played the shadow game and of course, red light green light.  We played this, all four of us and I never had so much fun in my life!  This game was way better than what I remembered it to be!  We laughed so hard we couldn’t breathe.  If you want loads of fun on your walk, just start running through random people’s sprinklers and play red light, green light.