My teller window at the bank is the drive-thru window.  Which I actually prefer because that is where we are the  busiest.  But when we are not busy, which tends to happen a lot, I usually just sit in my chair and gaze out the window.  I have a pretty good view, I get to watch the cars roll by.  Dunkin Donuts is right across the way so I’m usually daydreaming about donuts and their good coffee…this is most of the time.  There is also a hotel to my left so I can watch people go in and out there.  I can watch the trees and the flowers blow in the wind and when it rains…that is the best time to be sitting at the window.  You can hear pounding on the roof and then dripping onto the ground, cooling everything off.  Incase anyone was wondering, I really love rain.  Hence my blog title…just saying.  So, I really love my window.  My mind will wander as I gaze out into the sunny (or rainy) day.  Yesterday, I was just sitting there watching life go by and this car drove up so I snapped back to reality and did my thing.  Spoke through the microphone (which I hate with a passion) and sent the little tray out.  If none of you all know what I’m talking about, go through a bank drive-thru.  This is what I do.  Anyways, he said to me, “Did I catch you daydreaming?”  I had to laugh, because yes sir, you did.  Which is okay with me, I can think up story ideas, or think about people, or just muse upon life.  Yeah it’s a fun spot to be for eight hours of the day.  Ok maybe not fun, but I am trying to make the best of things.  Got to enjoy the little things in life.