I feel like I have no inspiration this week!  Where has it gone?  All my energy to write and do things has all been put into my work.  Which is quite alright, I have to make a living.  Just this week has been very tiring and so that would make me tired.  Working at a bank you use a lot of brain power, there is so many little things to remember.  Anyways, too much bank talk…I want to write again.  Write something that I actually feel good about.  In time maybe something amazing will come out of this weary brain of mine.  For now, I am going to enjoy this weekend.  Even though I have to work tomorrow and baby sit Saturday afternoon…I plan to take full advantage of the pool in the neighborhood the kid I babysit lives in. 

   Tonight Bethany and I jammed together.  Her on guitar and me on piano.  It was a lot of fun.  Best part of my day.  Okay thought I should share something cool.