Everyone is hushed as people trickle into the chapel waiting for the show to begin.  A band playing in a church, on a Wednesday evening; not something you see often.  Following behind friends, we make our way down the aisle finding a seat in the cushioned pew. A seven piece band; all the members lined up strategically with their instruments ready.  To play a melody that will enrich the ears of the awaiting audience.  I attend this event because my dear sister’s boyfriend plays the stand up bass.  This is my first time seeing the band play and I was very eager to hear their sound.  I only expect the best because my sister has exquisite taste in music.  It is different being in a chapel to hear a band play, everyone was so reverent.  It was intimate and the perfect setting for the band’s music.  The bow struck and the first song was off, a clear sound echoing through the air.  The singer was absolutely phenomenal.  What caught your eye at first was the dress she was wearing, a soft sea foam green with puffy sleeves and a short, full skirt.  She was petite and delicate and when she sang it was effortless.  Her stage presence was what made the show even more amazing.  It is not easy standing there in front of people, with nothing to hold on to, or protect you, such as an instrument, and just sing.  She would move her hands, or bob her head to the beat and at one point she laughed.  It was beautiful.  The music has an old timey feel to it, transporting you to better times.  Danger is a bluegrass band that has a plucky, toe tapping sound.  One song was about the civil war, and another about heartbreak.  They had many tempo changes, which made the style even more interesting. 

     What an amazing, fun experience when you can listen to music that has an artistic approach to the world.  I love it.

     Afterwards we explored the church some, going up to the actual sanctuary.  It was completely dark, only light shone in from the pretty stained glass windows.  I walked the aisle with my phone out as my guide.  I breathed in the air and immediately went to the altar.  I was thinking what a holy place to be.  I don’t know the history of the church, or what sort of things they practice, but I really felt God.  It was this big, beautiful place that was dedicated to honor God.  It was a respectful place.  I really enjoyed being in such an atmosphere and feeling so many things at once. 

     Walking the block back to the car, I got soaked by the rain.  It was cold and came down in sheets.  It was beauty to me.  I let the rain just soak into my clothes, run down my face and cause my hair to go in disarray. 

    It was an enjoyable evening.  Good music, beautiful building and perfect weather.

   Good to be writing and on a side note:  I received Virginia Highlands Community College’s literary magazine, “The Howl” the one that I was on the editorial board (sounds so official).  I was very excited and when I received the package; I screamed and jumped up and down very enthusiastically, in case anyone was wondering.   

    Enjoying this rain.  Hope no one in this area is sick of it.  Have a good night.  Listen to Danger and the Steel Cut Oats, you won’t be disappointed.