Tyrant   by-elisajoy

Press play and keep it reeling.

Life is just going through the motions.

Get up, lay down, it’s all the same,

I try my best to beat the mundane.

I am programmed to live,

I am programmed to feel

The heart beats and never stops,

Waking up is all I got.

Watch the screen to feel the movement

No one dances to your beat.

We walk these streets with

Too much disdain.

All in all we deal with pain.

The days are growing shorter,

The ticks of time remain.

As we race through life

Singing a dying refrain.

My brain is numb

From cold nostalgia.

Burning the fuse to

Beat this heat.

Can’t figure out if

It’s you or me.

Tragedy won’t wane

From these personal cares.

Hit snooze and let autopilot

Be your guide.

No thanks, I’m done with fear.

I’ll set the clocks

In hopes to awake

From this reflection in the mirror.