I am working by myself today.  First time since I started working at the Bank.  I am very excited, especially since I needed 200 hours before I could start working alone.  But I have exceeded their expectations and was approved by our regional vice president to be trusted with handling my teller window alone.  I know I will be fine, no worries what so ever.  I know what I’m doing and I feel confident in my job.  Which is a good feeling.

    I went and saw Eat Pray Love last night, which has been on my must-see movie list.  I was curious to see how accurate it was to the book.  It had its moments where I loved how they portrayed a certain part, but like every film they always tweak the story.  It captured the essence of the book, which was very pleasing to me.  I thought this was a good role for Julia Roberts, she was very convincing.  The film was shot very beautifully, the colors were vivid, there was always a soft glow around the main character.  Her golden hair tended to shine wherever she went.  Maybe a symbol of someone divine protecting her throughout her journey.  There was a lot of contrast in the film between colors and light.  Lighting was a big part in the film, which made it very interesting.  I couldn’t tell you which one I liked better, the film or the book.  You always have to separate the two from another, because they are never going to be exactly alike.  The film was a good overview of the book.  I think that you should see the movie then read the book, I wish I had done it this way.  It met my expectations, it was everything I thought it was going to be.  I would like to see it again, but not in theaters.

  That’s my take on Eat Pray Love.

I hate mindless chatter that seems to drone on in the workplace.  I want to enjoy the quiet today…good thing I am working by myself tonight.  But until then I will just hope for peace in my mind and heart.

Church tonight:  I plan to meet with Jesus and worship Him with my whole heart.  I can feel the excitement overcoming me, it’s my favorite time of the week.