I have found the key to happiness:  Peanuts and candy corn mixed together.  You throw them in a little baggie and eat them together, wow, it will change your life.  How did I find this out?  I have this amazing woman who I work with, she treats me like her granddaughter, I love it.  Yesterday she brought me soup for lunch and today she brought me the peanut/candy corn snack.  She tells me that she stays up every night to play wii fitness (2am to be exact).  She also gave me a pack of Wrigley’s doublemint gum.  She has a cousin who is Mr. Wrigley’s driver so she says her family get packs of gum all the time and she will stock me up.  Bring it on!  She’s a lot of fun to have around and works harder than any of us here.

    I was lucky to have my morning off so I took advantage and spent time with my sister.  Between work and other activities, I haven’t been home this past week.  Except to sleep and…sleep.  It’s kind of crazy that I can be living in a house with two other people and not have any interaction.  I see Rachel more than I do Bethany, but it always in passing.  I saw Bethany for a brief second and we talked to one another like we were long-lost friends finding each other again.  We get off of work at the same time tonight so we have a  Jonas date :)  Every Tuesday we make it a point to watch Jonas LA with one another.  I am quite excited.  Rachel and I went to our local coffee shop for breakfast and we had a really good talk.  Caught each other up on our lives and we enjoyed the sister company.

    At church the teaching for the past two weeks have been about boundaries.  It is important to practice healthy boundaries.  People get so caught up in pleasing every one else that they forget about their own emotions.  It is so exhausting trying to please the world, always wanting to live up to every one else’s expectations.  The only expectations I have to live up to is the Lord’s.  As long as I have my security in Him, than it does not matter what people think of me.  And I have been walking in that freedom as of late.  Ah! I love it…

Best moment of the day:  Today at work we got our supply shipment in and we get this big box, I open it up and it is FILLED with lollipops.  Just a sea of colored, delicious, candy.  It’s the little things in life that really make me happy.

  Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday! Ciao