I am at so much peace with myself and with God right now.  These past couple days have been a battle within, trying to figure some things out.  Clearing my heart and mind from many quandaries, that I finally just had to give it to God.  I cannot control everything, I cannot control anything, period.  I have to give it all to God.  I have to be willing to trust.  Trust, something I am not easy to fall into.  I feel like through the years I have been building this fortress around my heart and life.  Closed within myself for so long that the Lord is starting to carefully and gently pry open the barred up emotions.  I have to trust.  I have to walk freely in Jesus.  I have many goals I want to accomplish, so many things I want to do with my life and if I cannot give my life fully to Jesus, than how am I going to walk out my purpose?  This probably doesn’t make sense, but I have my issues to deal with like everyone else.  It makes sense to me, I finally understand what the Lord is doing in my life.  Ever had that moment where the world makes sense?  That epiphany moment where it finally clicks.  You think,  “This is why God did that.  This is why I went through something like that.  This is why I am the way I am!”  I feel like this season in my life has been that, where God is connecting the dots.  Putting the pieces to my life’s puzzle.  I have had different encounters and met different people that have helped me along this journey.  Confirming things in my life that make me want to draw near and grow closer to my King.  It has been a crazy, amazing journey so far.  I never want to go back to who I was, I want to keep moving forward, embracing the love of my Father, maturing in Righteousness and increasing my faith so I can move in the Spirit.  So many awesome things are happening in my life…I get thrown through a loop where I get confused and down, but the Lord is so quick to pick me up and set me straight.  He is my rock and my fortress.  I want to honor Him with my life.  The Lord calls us unto Himself and He wants a people who are going to answer that, they are going to run after Him with every thing they have.  Broken or not, dirty or clean, faithful or not, He will welcome those who call on His name.  Jesus, I am living for You.  I am marveling at the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord.  My relationship with Him has increased in such an amazing way and I am desperately and completely in Love with my Jesus.   

    Anyways, this probably seems like a jumbled mess of thoughts and kind of vague, but this is where I am at.  This is what I am feeling at the moment.  I feel like the Lord is telling me that this is my time.  This is where I can blossom in my life, step into the person that the Lord is calling me to be.  I am excited to see what else the Lord has to accomplish in these next few months.  It is crazy we are coming into September.  August has gone by so fast!  I haven’t had time to even realize that it is August.  My heart is already in the fall season…so, sorry August I really haven’t paid you any attention…It is crazy that this year is almost over.  Four months left ya’ll!  Not trying to rush it or anything, basically my point is that time flies!!!

Ok going to enjoy these last, lovely days of August.

  I hope everyone is having a blessed day. 

Psalm 91