There is a first time for everything and this morning was the first time I had ever locked my keys in my car.  Life is ironic.  I say this because, yesterday at work I was talking to a lady who had just locked her keys in her car.  She was talking about the whole process, how she had to call a lock smith and it cost her all this money etc…  When I listened to her, in the back of my mind I was thinking, “Oh good to know;  I need to get a spare key for my car, just in case something like that happens.”  No joke, exactly where my mind went.  Well, this morning, I decided to get gas before I went into work and I got out, closed my door and it locked.  There were my keys, left in my car.  I didn’t freak out; I just pulled out my phone and called my sister.  She helped me find a number for a lock smith; I called one and then waited.  There I am, standing in the middle of Shells gas station, leaning against my car, just waiting patiently.  Trying to think positive thoughts, which helped.  Because honestly, I was okay.  I kept thinking:  life happens.  We can’t fight situations like these.  So there I was standing by my car, people coming and going.  Of course you get the people who ask what I am doing.  I’m not putting gas in my car or anything, just standing there.  Probably look like some freak.  So I explain, with a smile on my face and start laughing to lighten the mood.  They give me a sympathetic look and say, “Wish I could help ya.”  Because they know the pain, they know the annoyance.  I mean for real, what more annoying thing could happen to the start of your day?  You feel like a complete idiot and the whole time you’re like, “If only I grabbed the keys, if only!  If only…”  But I was okay, sincerely okay.  So the lock smith came.  He seriously just popped the lock with this amazing, wonderful key he had and then charged me $50 for it.  Fun day!  But I drove away happily, glad to be out of that situation and everything had turned out okay.  This morning has been a hectic day at work, but nothing can take away my joy. 

Top of my list of things to do:  Get a spare key made for my car. 

    Being a writer, I like to take away from lifes experiences.  I like to be in the moment, analyzing what I am feeling and what the situation is like and then log it away for future reference.  Now, even though it was frustrating and annoying, I know what it feels like to lock my keys in my car.  I know this is something small and silly, but I know that a lot of writers write from their own experience.  A lot of times if a character has a certain hobby or quirk, it is something that either the author does or has seen someone else do.  I think what makes a good writer is someone that can capture certain moments with only a few words.  In my writing, I like to take away from the emotions that I have felt and things I have been through.  So at least then people can relate in some small way. 

     It is all about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.  I internalize everything; I am a very observant person.  I like to assess a situation, see all that is going on and then write about it later.  I do this so when I am writing a part in a book and I am trying to explain something.  I can picture it in my mind, pull from the situation and hopefully be able to express exactly what is going on, using the right words.  Then the reader is brought into the moment.  I mean, who doesn’t love reading a book that instantly sucks them in and be transported to the world of the characters.  You feel their pain and joys and love and everything about their life.  This is what I want to accomplish in my writing.  I love expressing the emotional side of life, because that  is who I am.  An emotional person…  People always ask me what I like to write and so if you are reading this and have asked this question before, I hope this answers it in some small way.

    Funny how locking my keys in my car can trigger these thoughts…I like to be inspired by life, and makes me feel better when something so frustrating can actually be a valuable experience.