I hope this week holds good things.  I am feeling very tired and kind of out of it today.  I hope to write something “profound” or at least interesting soon…

  Here’s some juicy good news…maybe to some of you.  I started watching the show Lost last night.  Not sure what I am getting myself into.  Such a phenomena and I am now just diving into the crazy, mysterious world of Lost.  Should be interesting…so far so good.  What has caught my attention the most is the characters, for being so early in the story, there has already been immense character development.  Which I find fascinating. 

   My mother came for a visit this past weekend, on kind of a whim.  It was a good whim, I think all three of us girls were needing mom in our lives.  There was such a comfort that was brought.  She took care of us, cleaned the kitchen and did a load of towels and stuff like that.  Even though we could do that ourselves, it was just nice to have that feeling of being cared for.  I like being out on my own and being independent, because I have always been that way.  Kind of keep to myself a lot, do my own thing.  Always have been that way, so leaving my parent’s house was so great.  I thrive under these kind of conditions, I have loved living away from home and starting my own life.  At the same time, we all want someone to watch over us.  That is why I have to find my dependency in God.  Not in my parent’s anymore and their personal relationship with God, but be able to have the Lord as my covering.  Which has not been easy, but well worth it. 

   Also went to The Frist this past weekend.  Nashville’s art museum.  It was absolutely amazing!  I had the best time ever.  There were three exhibits and all were so wonderful.  It was such a fun experience.  I look forward to going back. 

  Hope everyone is able to get back into the swing of things, since we had that long weekend and all.  I know some of us still had to work yesterday, but people who work in banks don’t have to :) Oh the perks of being a teller…

happy tuesday!