I am back in Nashville, which is wonderful.  I really missed it whilst I was away.  And since I have gotten back, I decided to take a little break from my blog writing as well.  But I am back now!  And ready to give a little recount of my weekend. 

    Rhythm and Roots Reunion.  A festival that takes place in downtown Bristol.  A wonderful time of the year and what a wonderful time it was!  My favorite part of the weekend was the fact that my whole family was together.  I have not seen my twin sister in a couple months and so to see her and catch up was absolutely amazing!  We are very close like most twins, but we don’t mind being apart.  She is just my best friend and it was really nice to see her.  It was great to see my parents as well.  Since all of us kids have moved out of the house it has just been them.  My dad has been doing some small renovations around the house.  He is completely remodeling the kitchen for my mom.  It is sweet to see them so happy together and loving their life being just the two of them. 

    The weekend is always a great time to catch up with old friends and listen to great music.  Sylvia (my twin; incase anyone forgot) and I went down Friday afternoon to buy our weekend tickets and start the festivities.  We hand over the $40 bucks and in exchange we get these nifty gold bands that will become a part of us for the next two days.  Once in we both excitedly look around at the many sites to see.  Everyone is still setting up and getting the last-minute things ready.  We head down the street to one of the biggest stages, known as the Mural stage to see my older sister.  She is an audio engineer and was hired for the weekend to run sound.  This festival has 17 stages set up in various locations.  There are 3 main outside stages where a lot of the big name bands play.  Then there is all the other littler stages spread out.  I grab a schedule and start planning our evening.  The weird thing about this year was there was a lot of new bands.  Ones I have never heard of before.  So it was like starting from scratch.  I had to read the little bios and read the names of the bands that sounded interesting to me.  Usually they have the same bands come every year, or every other year.  Which seems like it would get old, but you become familiar with the groups that you love.  So it was exciting to get to hear new music.  I wanted to see as many groups as possible so I circled and put stars on the schedule and laid out our whole evening and when the first band started playing, we were off!  Going from stage to stage, listening to the talent before us and relishing in the moment.  We saw some amazing, talented musicians.  I adore bluegrass music, especially live bluegrass.  These people can really play their instruments and bluegrass music always has a distinct beat to it.  Whenever I listen to the music I am always tapping my foot or swaying to the rhythm. 

      A couple of the groups that I saw that I really liked was The Steel Wheels, Joy Kills Sorrow, Rockin’ Acoustic Circus, The Two Man Gentlemen Band, The Hot Seats, Holy Ghost Tent Revival and so many more.  My favorite was The Carolina Chocolate Drops, which I have seen them before, but I was looking forward to seeing them this year.  They come to the festival every two years so it was a real treat to be able to get to see them.  It is a group made up of three musicians, two guys and one girl.  All are equally amazing musicians!  Their talent is astounding and I love watching a band that knows how to perform and connect with a crowd.  They have such a down to earth feeling to them and it was just a lot of fun to be a part of their show. 

     Bluegrass music has such an authentic feel to it.  And even the way the musicians dress adds to the feeling of the music.  You can usually spot a musician in the crowd from their dress, because it is usually really old-fashioned or artistic in some way.  I always have fun looking at their attire.  

    This is a really vague overview of the weekend, but to put it simply…I had an amazing time listening to amazing music and spending time with my family. 

   I hope everyone had a great weekend and also great beginning of their week.

I will write more soon.  Sorry that this was so rushed.