So some big news:  Oldest sister is getting married.  To an amazing guy and I wish both of them all the happiness in the world!  I may get a little emotional on you all because this is a big deal!  She is the first one in our family to get engaged and soon married.  I have been waiting for the day to hear my sister tell me she is getting married.  This happened a few weeks ago.  I was babysitting and I get a call from her.  We have a few formalities, talking about our weekends and such and then she tells me, “Elisa, Daniel and I have decided to get married.”  At first my reaction was, “Good for you!  Awesome.”  Like really nonchalant, because I knew they were going to get married eventually, it was just I didn’t know when.  She explained to me how they came about this decision and then it finally hit me.  My sister is getting married.  She’s getting married!  Wait…I get to be a bridesmaid!  And I started crying (not because I get to be a bridesmaid) but because I have been waiting all my life to hear my sister tell me this.  And I say this because she is the oldest and I don’t know, seems more special when the oldest sister gets engaged.  (don’t worry other sisters, I am equally looking forward to you all getting married as well)  but this was just amazing news! Here’s the catch:  I couldn’t tell anyone!  Because Daniel had not gotten a ring yet so it wasn’t “official.”  They wanted to tell the family and that is it!  Do you know how hard it is to keep something like that a secret?  I wanted to tell everyone!  But I am a loyal sister and I did exactly as my sister wished.  When I did come home and she was there I started jumping around and screaming, “You’re getting married!”  It was so much fun.  Haha.  It was funny because I had a friend over and we were hanging out and the subject of weddings came up.  Being girls we talking about what we wanted and what we love about weddings etc…I told my friend that Rachel bought a wedding dress five years ago at a consignment shop for ten dollars!  It was in amazing condition and fit her perfectly!  So she bought it and I wanted to add, “Guess what, she gets to wear it soon!”  But I bit my tongue and said, “I hope someday she gets to wear it…”  I wanted to burst! It was torture, let me tell you.

  So then when I went home to Bristol for Rhythm and Roots, Daniel and Rachel came as well.  Saturday morning as I was listening to a band play I get a text message.  Not only is it a text message, but a picture text message.  And what was it of?  My sister’s hand with a ring on it.  A diamond ring.  He had proposed!  I started bouncing in my seat and squealing and my other sister was like, “What in the world?”  Apparently she hadn’t gotten the text message yet.  So I showed her and we squealed together!  After the set ended we immediately went to find Rachel and Daniel and get the story. 

   Oh yeah, I do get to be a bridesmaid, because one day she approached me and asked.  So much fun!  They are planning for March and I know she will be a beautiful bride.  They are already planning and it will be fun to be part of the process.  I am just really, really excited and happy!  I cannot express that enough.  You don’t understand, this is a big deal for my family.  Like huge!  So yeah, that is the most exciting thing going on in my life.  Whenever Rachel and I catch up on our lives we always talk about the wedding, which is really fun :)  I hope that this is good sister bonding time for all four of us.  I know it will be.