Last Thursday I went to an outside concert called, “Live on the Green.”  It took place downtown Nashville and I went because Six Pence None the Richer and Jars of Clay were the featured bands.  If you listened to Christian music back in the day, upon hearing these band names you would be like, “Wow, haven’t heard their stuff in forever!”  Jars of Clay has put out some newer albums and actually release one tomorrow, but they are not as popular as they were a few years ago.  For my 16th birthday a friend had gotten me a Jars of Clay CD, it was their live album.  I had not really listened to them before them, so I was grateful for new music.  I listened to the album and fell in love with it!  I remember listening to it until I wore that CD out.  It got me through a lot of hard times.  Throughout my life I have used music as a way to cope with life and get through times that seem hopeless or unending.  It is always nice to have something to relate to, words that speak to you and get you through life.  So after a few years it was kind of surreal standing there listening to this band that has impacted my life in such a small way.  Because through the years I have bought a couple more albums, but never really listened to them as I did that live CD.  It was a lot of fun experiencing their music live, it was a really good concert. 

     My taste in music has changed over the years and as well as the music that has impacted my life.  I used to be really into Jaci Valesquez.  I owned every single album that she had come out with and knew every single song.  I probably still do. haha I had a phase where I was really into rock music, which I still enjoy and now I am more into the Indie, folk type of music.  But of course my all time favorite band is The Killers, which strays from the music I used to listen to.  I like how I have grown, my taste in music has developed and how I have definitely branched out.  I still like the stuff I listened to when I was younger, but it is good to be open with music and listen to whatever pleases your ears.  Even if it doesn’t, it is good to appreciate other musicians and their style and talent.  I know a lot of people who limit their taste to only certain bands and music artists and they won’t even give other music the time of day.  It kind of irritates me when people won’t try something new or give certain styles a chance.  In life in general, not with just music, it is beneficial to try something once, then you know you’re not missing out.  I feel like there is so much music out there I have not heard!  I am like, what if there is a song out there that I need to hear, that will just change my life!  So I continue to search and listen in hopes to find some new songs that will impact my life and speak to me in some small way.