My sister is a badass.  There is no other way to put it.  And I feel pretty cool when I am around her, especially when we go rock climbing together.  Which is not often, but we make it kind of our thing.  She has a membership at Climb Nashville and goes regularly, I go whenever I have the chance, or feel motivated.  Every time I go I have an amazing time.  I love the challenge of rock climbing.  It is more than a work out, it is problem solving as well and you end up using a lot of mental strength.  Today we both were triumphient while top roping, we both excelled to a higher level.  The walls have these “problems” or “routes” that you can do and I got up to a 8 and she got up to a 10.  The easiest is 6.  Don’t ask me how this works, but that is the way the gym does it.  Some were so easy for me, I was able to assess the wall, see the route in my mind and then accomplish it.  Others were so hard, I really had to push myself to get to the top.  I had to keep telling myself, you can do this.  Just push yourself up.  And then when I would get to the top I never felt better in my life! 

    Belaying is a workout as well and you have to support the climber.  Not only was I my sister’s support but I would also help her up the wall.  Calling out where she could place her feet and give her encouragement.  The belayer and the climber definitely depend on one another and it is very important to communicate and be in connection with one another. 

     I was doing this one “problem” and it was extremely difficult.  For me at least.  My sister had told me before, “You have to find one that is going to break you.”  And I couldn’t finish the wall, but I was okay with it because it was a challenge and next time that is the first place I am going to go and try to beat it.

    Afterwards I felt absolutely amazing, except my fingers could not grasp anything.  Everything I have tried to do this afternoon my fingers have fumbled along being like, “Please, I am so worn out!”  Pretty crazy what an amazing workout rock climbing can be for your hands!  And my forearms…oh man, I am going to be so sore tomorrow.  But I feel accomplished mentally and physically. 

    Sometimes life can make us or break us, but when something challenging surfaces, it is best to keep trying until you can overcome!