Figuring out what my heart is telling me and why everything has to be so complicated…

But besides that!  Life has been very good :)  My lovely father and mother are in from Bristol for a visit.  They are here until Saturday morning and it is very awesome seeing their lovely faces.  I have to work today and tomorrow…but hopefully I can find some time to spend with them.  I think an update on my life would be good?  Haven’t given one in a while.  So here it goes:

Roommates:  Yesterday i had one of the best days since living here.  I had a day off and so did my sister, Bethany.  We spent the whole day just running errands and getting things done, but both of us were in such great moods and just happy to be chilling, that we had a great time!  Usually running around town can get very tiring and make for a long day, but for some reason both of us were just pleased to be spending time together.  Which does not happen often, I never see her anymore because we are both so consumed with our separate lives.  Since Rachel is getting married she will be moving out of our little house.  Leaving just Bethany and I…and there is plans to move somewhere else.  So we were kind of shopping for house stuff yesterday and it excited me, thinking how I get to decorate my own house!  Instead of thinking that it will be terribly stressful…because I did start freaking out about it, I am going to just let the chips fall into place and have as much fun as I can.  Life can get you down if you worry about everything around you too much.  I’m sure everyone can relate. 

Work:  Is fantastic.  I am blessed with an amazing job and I work with such lovely people, it couldn’t get any better.  I seriously cannot complain about my job, so I won’t! 

Everything else:  I am just content and happy to be living my life in Nashville.  Every once in a while…okay maybe once a week, I will start to question my role here in this lovely city.  What should I be doing!!??!! I am not in school…just working and stuff.  Which is okay for the moment, but I feel like I should be pursuing my life.  I am not sure what that looks like exactly. 

Some good news though: I have had a small breakthrough with my other writings.  My fictional stuff.  And I am so excited!  I feel like I can write again and that I actually have good ideas and I don’t feel discouraged about it all the time!  So I just need to push myself really, really hard and get some works done!  Because that would make my life!  So I need all the encouragement I can get and if anyone has any tips on how to stay focused while working on your writings, then let me know.  I need some motivation…it all comes down to that.  And lots of patience, because…let’s face it, writing takes a lot of brain power and sometimes the words just don’t come…I hate that.  I think we all do.  And I am talking to all the writers out there in the world.

Alright, I think that is good enough for now.  I am going to enjoy a nice morning eating some breakfast and drinking some good coffee.  (Oh that is another thing…my sisters think I should give up coffee.  Because, I will admit, I am very addicted to it.  So I’m gonna let that idea marinate in my brain for a little while longer before I decided if I want to act upon such a silly notion…but they swear up and down I feel better if I give up caffeine altogether.  I just think they are crazy.  Thoughts?)

Okay, have a great day!  

p.s. the title of this post is lyrics from my favorite song at the moment. it is a joy kills sorrow song. good stuff :)