These past two days I have been helping my sister with some wedding planning.  We went out yesterday to scout for bridesmaid dresses and we were very successful!  We found these amazing dresses at JcPenny’s for only $20, originally priced at $50.  They are short, and cute and I will definitely be wearing the dress again.  Very exciting :)  And then today we went to Target to finish up her registry since the fiance could not make it.  In his honor I stole the scanner away (which she willingly gave up, thinking I would not do such things) and scan some ugly pillows. Score for me!  It was a lot of fun. 

bridesmaid dress

    I just know they will be sending out ‘save-the-dates’ soon, so that means there will be an envelope addressing party!  I feel like there will be many more times like this.  Looking forward to what more planning we will accomplish as the wedding date draws near. 

On a different note: November is national novel writing month, so there is a website where they have this challenge where you write a 50,000 word novel in just a month.  Quite prestigious if you ask me, but I feel like I am up to the challenge!  I have a story already started, so my plan of action is to upload that one and just finish it.  Also there is no editing, no looking back, just keep writing until you have 50,000 words and then there will be a winner at the end.  the website is, if anyone is interested.  I am on there and my username is -elisajoy. 

Today is the perfect fall day and I am just adoring the weather!  The trees look so beautiful! *sigh* I love this season so much.  Not looking forward to winter though :( my bedroom can get quite cold in the early mornings, I cannot imagine what it will be like when it is cold all the time!  



Anyways, hope everyone is having great weather wherever you are!