Let’s talk about makeup. 

colors A product that owns the souls of women everywhere.  I am one of those women.  I cannot go    without it, I feel naked and not ugly, but I do not feel my best.  My mom doesn’t wear makeup.  The only time she has is when she’s in plays and that’s pretty much it.  She is one of the most beautiful women alive, she has gorgeous skin and barely no wrinkles. (I won’t give away her age) ;) She taught us not to wear makeup.  I was not allowed to wear it growing up.  That made it nice for my dad because he could tell us girls to get up the morning to go somewhere and we would all be ready in about ten minutes.  There are five girls in the house so that is pretty good if you ask me.  We never had to worry about blowing drying our hair, putting on makeup or anything like that. 

   Growing up I had friends that their mom’s let them wear makeup.  When I went over to my friend’s houses to play we would always put it on when we played dress up.   But then when I went home, I had to wipe it off.  If my parents caught me with makeup on, I knew I would get in trouble.  They wanted to enforce natural beauty.  I remember when I was fifteen years old I took ballet and for our dance performance my teacher wanted all of us to wear makeup.  My twin sister and I went out and bought some cheap makeup and wore that.  After the performance the makeup slowly found its way into my normal life.  If I was going out with friends I would put a little eye shadow on and that is where it all started.  Now I wear makeup everyday.  Some days I wear it more than others.  Lately though I have been going all out every single day.  I put on the foundation and concealer and blush and eyeliner etc…and it is just exhausting!  And frankly not very healthy for my skin.  I realized that I kept breaking out because of my concealer and I kept covering it up more and more until it got out of control.  So I decided that I am only going to wear foundation and such when I absolutely have to, like for special occasions and such.  I have started washing my face excessively!  Not that I did before, but lately I have been a freak about it.  I want my skin to be healthy and beautiful.  Not covered by makeup all the time.  I do wear eyeliner, because I cannot go without it. 

    I find it funny that most guys say that they like girls all natural.  No makeup, a clear face and I am like maybe you haven’t seen women without it?  Because some of us really need it…I bet they don’t know that practically every women in America wears at least some kind of makeup regularly.  Of course there are a few of you, women, who look completely amazing and gorgeous without it, which most of us hate you for…but makeup doesn’t make me beautiful.  It makes me feel confident about myself.  I would love to be free from this addiction and be able to go days without any on.  Maybe one day I feel comfortable in my own skin, but for right now I will feed this vicious cycle.