I had the best and slightly worst and somewhat depressing dream last night.  Well, it was depressing once I woke up, because I realized it wasn’t true!  It’s short and simple and no I did not dream about making out with [insert hot male celebrity].  Anyways, a new Coco Chanel store had opened in this mall so my mom and I went and they were having like these mega sales and I got Chanel makeup for super cheap.  It was like 99cents for everything!  Dream come true, right?  I mean that stuff has to be so expensive.  I remember buying an eyeliner pencil, lip gloss, these makeup wipes?  and nail polish.  And a skirt slip. Yeah…who knew my subconscious mind thinks I need a skirt slip… 

  So that was my dream.  I think it is amazing and somewhat random.  I probably dreamed it because I have been trying to cut back on makeup.  I thought I would share. 

I love bizarre and random things.

AAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD  it is NOVEMBER! that means I have to write like a bat out of hell to complete a 50,000 word novel by the end of this month.  Can she do it ladies and gentleman?  I have to tell you, I am quite frightened.  I am the type of person who leaves things very last minute. When November 29th comes, I really do not want to be writing 50,000 words.  I will have you know I have already started and the website I am going through sets goals and I have many, many supporters.  So, we will see if anything good comes out of this.  I am doing this for me and me alone.  If my novel sucks, then, sorry.  Actually I am not that sorry, but I will just be happy to finally complete something!!!!!!

So, Happy November and if YOU decided to write a novel this month, tell me how you feel about it.  Or if you aren’t writing one, a nice cheering squad would be excellent. Thanks for reading my crazy rants on this somewhat, beautiful monday morning.