Good Morning!

up and at 'em!

                          I got up at a relatively late hour, but it is my day off!  So I don’t see anything wrong with sleeping in late.

Which is something I absolutely love to do.  Then you just lay in bed, letting the sun filter through your window

basking you in the morning light…all of you who had to get up early are probably about to stone me, so I will stop.

Let me just say it was delicious.

la makeup

Of course I had to get ready for the day and makeup is very essential.  No, I did not put on any foundation today.

That is just there, because that is where I set my makeup.  You like my little green stool?  I was in the musical, Suessical

and this girl made stools for all the main characters.  I was Jojo the Who.  I know, very cute.  It is now my makeup stand. I love it.

yay for clean clothes!

 I ate some breakfast and then did a load of laundry, because I needed some clean clothes. Laundry is a nice

thing to do on your day off.  Except I hate folding clothes.  I don’t really know why, it is so tedious to me. 

But I do it anyways, because they have to fit into my dresser drawer somehow.  Or I could just shove them

in…which does happen occasionally. *sheepish grin*

so sweet and juicy!

 Then I decide to settle down in my room and write.  Since I am doing this November novel thing I had

to get down to business.   So I get all cozy in my bedroom and actually a few days ago I completely rearranged my room

so I would feel more comfortable being in there as I write and such.  It is much more accommodating and

I love how it is set up.  As I was writing, I decided I wanted some tea and an orange.  The orange was amazing

by the way and I felt like Jo March when she would write.  She always ate an orange and I think that was one of

Louisa Mae Alcott’s habits as well, or something like that…either way I just hope that maybe some of her inspiration

would rub off on me.  Especially since I am writing a novel about family, seems we have a little bit in common…

 Got to put a picture of me somewhere in this little entry.  Sorry it is not that great of one.  I looked kind of sleepy…

hmm, a nap would have been nice today. Ah well.  There I am with my lovely black tea (half the caffeine of coffee)

I had been writing all afternoon so yeah…that’s me.

amazing book!


I had to take a little break from being in my house all day, so I went to the little coffee shop that is just down the road

from my house. The weather was perfect outside so I ordered a hot chocolate (because I am not drinking coffee)

and a little cookie and read this really amazing book.  It was a perfect little break from my afternoon of writing.


Wouldn’t you just love to be sitting across from me at this cute little table drinking some sort of beverage

and enjoying the day?  It was such a great moment.  I love being able to get out and just sit and relax.

And it was a very relaxing time.  Wish I could have stayed there all day.  But the next part of my adventurous day is now here!

on my way to cookeville
I drove to Cookeville to go visit a friend.  He goes to Tennessee Tech and he had an orchestra performance that
night so I decided to go hear him play.  This is my way on out of the city.  I went at not an ideal moment, because
I ran into severe rush hour traffic, but I got through it alright.  You can kind of see the ‘Batman’ building in the
background.  Such a cool building.  It was a good trip as well, I rocked out to some music and just chilled.

String Orchestra

The performance was quite amazing because it was the music of Martin Ellerby, a contemporary composer and he is from England.  He was there to speak and present the pieces, which was rather amazing.  The music was absolutely brilliant and was more modern that some of the other classical pieces I have listened to, so it was quite refreshing.  I had goosebumps when I heard the music, it had so much feeling to it.  I get so easily drawn into this type of music, it moves within me and I am instantly captivated.  That is why when I write I love to listen to classical music because to me it evokes so much emotion and feeling.  It helps me express things that I wouldn’t be able to in any other way.  The last piece of music that we heard was a premier performance.  It was the first time it was being played for an audience and that was so awesome to be there for.  It is called Gethsemane and it had 15 parts to the piece.  That was really brilliant!  I have so much respect for composers, to hear all that music in their head and be able to write it down and put it in a form that can be played.  I just think that is just awe-inspiring.

  Then it was time to go home!  Soundtrack for the trip home:

best CD of 2010


That ends my day, hope you enjoyed seeing a little glimpse into my life.  If it is boring to you, trust me it is…okay not really, I enjoy what little I do.  And it’s my day off, so I am allowed to do nothing!  Hope everyone had a great Tuesday. Tell me what you did!