I find myself at this place once again

You probably can feel the familiarity

These problems and emotions resurface

But you give me much reassurance

That this pain is nothing to you

Life goes on and keeps repeating

My heart can only take so much beating

I am despondent

Saddened by this reoccurring dream

That I try to stand on my own two feet;

I strive for perfection, but fall down in defeat

What can be matched by your priceless love?

You never grow weary of my tears

Because you know there is nothing to fear

Looking for your mercy

I come to you with my head down in shame

And you life it up high, calling my name

I am not worthy of all that you give

Generous and loving.

Give a clean slate, I have nothing to lose

You take it all away and fade the bruise

I am yours.

by elisajoy