I feel like I have hit a wall.  And I cannot get past it.  I just keep running into it, only causing injury and not helping myself in any way.  My novel is not going anywhere…I cannot seem to get past this one part and I don’t want to leave it and jump ahead, because what if I never go back and finish it?  There will be this dread lingering in the back of my mind, every time I think about going back to that part my brain will be like, ‘remember how hard it was writing that?’ and this is not writer’s block, I know where my story is going and what I want to write…it’s just getting the right words out and completing sentences that actually make sense.

I am seriously so frustrated that I really see no end to it…I have never felt this way, ever.  Mentally, I am exhausted.  This whole week has felt like I am striving for something!  And not just in my writing, but in life in general.  I have been in this weird funk and I am so over it.  I am really going to have to push myself…I want the satisfaction of actually completing something.  I want to finish this novel.  I have the motivation, it’s just…I feel stuck.  Bashing my head against a wall, hoping to get past it.  But it’s not budging. 

 Damn wall.