“I want her to like me for who I am and not for…my dimples.”

This is coming from a ten year old with relationship problems.  I am babysitting this weekend and while we were eating breakfast he was telling me about this girl he liked at school.  He ended up asking her out, gave her a ring and everything and they went to this little Spaghetti Dinner/Dance together.  But then the week after that the little girl broke his heart…she broke up with him.  She ended up giving the ring back.  Harsh.  He told me that he stopped liking her, but now he is a little love sick puppy.  “She is so smart…”  He says all googly eyed.  “I just want her to like me for who I am.”  He swore off liking any girl who doesn’t like him for who he is and not just his “good” looks.  (Yes, he did say this) “It’s really hard…”  Hard?  You are ten years old!  You shouldn’t be having relationship drama!  But let me tell you, this little boy so likes this girl.  His whole face lights up when he talks about her.  He told me about times where she “tries” to hurt him, she like hits him and stuff.  Yeah, these kids are flirting.  Oh goodness…I am like, trust me it does not get any better.  Only harder as you get older, but it all starts by giving each other rings and going to Spaghetti dinners.