So there is a possibility that I will be heading home next week for a day or two, just because work practically gave me the whole week off!  Which is amazing and quite unexpected, but this means…that I may fall behind in my nanowrimo novel.  I am at 30,000 words which is the most I have ever written in this short of a time period.  I am just so proud of myself for sticking with this and on the really tough days not giving up and throwing it all away.  I really want this, I really want to complete this story.  And I am not giving up, oh no!  That would be plain silly, but who knows if I will be finishing on time.  Or maybe I can write 20,000 words in like three days, I am sure it is possible but my brain would be fried!  Like for real…yeah does not sound like a good idea.  Anyways, I am excited about next week.  I thought I wasn’t going to be able to go home, so my sister, Bethany, and I planned a little Thanksgiving together, just the two of us.  She is bound and determined to make us a homemade, complete Thanksgiving dinner.  I am totally okay with this!  Because to be quite frank, I freakin LOVE Thanksgiving dinner.  I mean who doesn’t love to stuff themselves with Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing(dressing) whatever you want to call it, and LOTS and LOTS of gravy.  By the time my family and I are done filling our plates it is like soup, that is how much gravy we put on it.  Maybe because this is like the only time we ever get it, so we are like, need to get our year’s supply!  Anyways…should be fun, is all I am saying.

     So the thought of going home is still up in the air!  And nanowrimo is not over yet!! I still have some time, I just wanted to confess to the world and if I let you down, sorry.  Remember I said I am doing this for me? 

 Hope everyone has a great Friday.