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Thanksgiving is over and it is time to pull out the candy canes and Christmas lights…I started to pull out my sister’s Christmas decorations because I want the house to look festive.  They are kind of a sorry excuse for decorations…all crumpled up into this green tote, have not seen the light of day in a year and finally they are able to breathe the fresh air of the Christmas season.  I tried to work with what I had, but frankly, I think I will go out and get my own decorations.  As far as what I should get, I am not really sure.  My mom decorated for Christmas when we were kids, but she hasn’t in like the past five years so I kind of forget what to do.  Usually you get out the kitchen Christmas towels, and magnets…throw a little garland on the mantle and maybe some cinnamon smelling candles and there, you already turned the place into a winter wonderland.  I want it to look tasteful, and not spend a lot of money on decorations.  Decorating for the holiday: kind of an odd concept if you ask me, but I love it!! I love Christmas trees and lights and everything about this season, and when you step back and look at it, does seem silly but I participate anyways :)  I am excited about Christmas, especially since I am not working in retail this year!  I feel like I enjoy the season without having to deal with cranky people, such a relief!

Snoopy Christmas

  I have already been listening to Christmas music at full force, planning with my sister what Christmas movies we are going to watch and talking about stocking stuffers we want to get for my other sister.  So fun!   

Hope everyone else is getting into the holiday spirit, because I know I am!  and it is not even December yet!  There is an unwritten rule though, the day after Thanksgiving is the time to break out all the Christmas stuff…so that is what I do.  And then ride it out until after the new year :) 

Tis’ truly the most wonderful time of the year!