December 1st is here and Christmas is only 24 days away!  For some reason I am so excited about this year, it is kind of strange, cause I usually never am.  Anyways, the house is totally decorated and it looks so amazing!  Here is the mantle.  I think it looks really pretty. 

So my sisters and I decided not to do presents this year to save on money and instead do a Twelve days of Christmas type of thing.  So the week and a half before Christmas, every day we are going to do something.  As far as that goes, we are not sure…but we hope to figure that out soon.  Sounds fun, right?  It should be.  So I plan to blog about each one, to keep you updated on our little Christmas fun.  I think some of the things we already decided was: A Christmas party (of course), Christmas movies, baking, pajama and Christmas sock party(?)…we shall see if that one makes the cut…and maybe Caroling!! Yeah, so we have a bunch of ideas.