I babysat last night and so of course that means I have fun stories to tell.  The first thing Ben told me when I walked in the door was that him and his little sweetheart are now dating.  They are official! His face was beaming and I quieted him down wanting to hear the whole story.  Please read my post: “can ten-year olds fall in love” to catch yourself up on this little episode.  So apparently the little girl had not given the ring back and she never said they were broken up, she just said that she wanted to.  But she never acted on it, and so all along they had been ‘together’, and Ben had no idea.  Of course Ben did not protest, he just went along with it.  Here’s the catch, because every relationship needs a little drama.  (I was shocked when I heard this ten year old use words such as relationship, just doesn’t seem right) Little Sweetheart had overheard one of Ben’s friends saying that Ben wanted to kiss a girl. (Ben was talking about his sweetheart), but she thought he was talking about another girl.  So she got mad at Ben and wouldn’t talk to him.  This was relayed to Ben and a broken heart was followed after…but then he found out that she had kissed a boy on the cheek! So he confronted her and said, “Why are you getting mad at me for wanting to kiss a girl when you go off and kiss a guy!  It is not fair!”  With this said, they are back together and all is well.  No kissing involved though, Ben is still trying to figure out if the girl wanted to hug him or not after school the other day.  She kept inching towards him when it was time to say goodbye, but neither of them made the move…so he told me.  I guess it is possible to be “in love” at ten years old.  You tell me?