cheesy christmas picture

 I am all alone at the bank, at least all alone behind teller row (i work at a bank).  Most of everyone has gone for the day.  Except a few people in the offices who are trying to finish up work for the day so they can get out of here!  I will be the last one here and then I can go home and enjoy my two days off :)  It really feels like Christmas at the bank, we all loved to celebrate and we all make each other feel loved. 

   I am spending my first Christmas away from home this year.  I am spending it with friends and I am kind of excited.  My dad called me a few days ago and asked if I was coming home and when I didn’t give him a straight answer, he reassured me that was alright that I was staying in Nashville.  Makes me feel better that my parents won’t be in ruins because their daughter isn’t home for the holidays.  

Then the day after Christmas my twin sister is coming into town and staying through New Years!  We will have loads of fun while she is here.  

A lot of exciting things coming up in this next week.  I am glad Christmas is finally here!  There has been so much anticipation for the holiday, I have baked and wrapped presents and decorated enough, it is time for the reward! 

I wish everyone a Happy Christmas and enjoy the day wherever you are.