I know everyone will agree that 2010 went by way too fast.  As does every other year and time will just keep on flying by.  Perhaps humankind needs to slow down a bit, enjoy each day, instead of looking towards the next…or it just may be that our days, months, years are shrinking until one day we will blink and it will all be gone…

    A melancholy sort of thought for me to think as 2011 approaches.  I will say, though, that I am very excited about this new year.  As I am for every new year.  I like the idea of being able to start anew and have a fresh, new adventure awaiting me as I step over the threshold of time.  I know I will mature (hopefully) as the years pass and I will be one step closer into fulfilling my life.  (Whatever that looks like)  I know that each year I am building up to something…but I haven’t really figured that out yet.  I want to progress with my life, build on experience and hopefully discover what my purpose is. 

    I don’t like setting resolutions, because, like most people, I never really meet those so called ‘goals’ for the year.  It is usually something like, ‘I am going to finish that novel!’ Or “I am going to exercise more!”  Things never turn out as we plan and so I have stopped trying to plan my life with silly goals that I know I will never accomplish!  Instead, I give all my plans to the Lord and just try my best to follow what He has for me.  So, I guess the main goal I will always set for myself is to be obedient and trusting with the Lord.  Because I really have no idea what is next for my life!  Some days I am perfectly okay with that fact that I don’t know what I want to do with my life and other days I freak out!  Actually the past couple weeks there has been more freak outs than normal, mainly because I know 2011 is creeping up on me. 

  This year has been incredible though  The two biggest things that has happened to me so far is graduating from Highlands with an associates and then moving to Nashville!  I also have met some amazing people and really have enjoyed city life to its fullest.  I am proud of how far I have come as a person and I hope that this next year will be better than all of the other twenty I have lived.  (I know, I am still young)  I probably shouldn’t be freaking out too much of what I need to do with my life.  But like I said, time will not stop for anything or anyone and I don’t want to waste my life thinking of all the things I could do.  It just takes a lot of ambition, motivation and people cheering you on! 

    Hope 2010 was a good year for most people.  I am looking forward to 2011  and I know some bad things will come out of it and some good things as well, but I just have to keep my chin up and keep on going.  Life is too short to care so much.  

Happy New Year, friends.  Let’s make it a good year.  The best yet.